Slot Overview: Rome’s Golden Fight

Foxium, a software company, will take anyone wanting to go with it “from one circus to another,” if you will. To put it in less arcane words, the developer has given one of its older games, The Great Albini 2, a Roman-themed facelift. Players now have an emperor’s perspective of one of the most violent exhibitions on earth in a Roman arena, where they once saw a magician perform on stage. Coin collections in the main game and a hold & win bonus round remain, however the perspective has shifted and new sound effects have been added.

Foxium has improved the perspective of Rome Fight For Gold for players who don’t use mobile devices. If you were using a screen larger than a portable device to play The Great Albini 2, the game’s action was compressed into a little square in the centre. This diminishes the experience on a bigger screen, and it’s not always apparent why developers do this. Now that it’s gone, players will have a better view of the stadium (likely the Colosseum) from their private box, which will be encircled by spectators and decorated with columns and heavy crimson curtains. Although the soundtrack adds some intensity, the lack of action on the beach makes this feel more like Rome: The Golden Age than the perilous Tiger’s Glory Ultra.

Bets range from 20 pence to £/€24 each spin, and the game may be seen and played on any device. You may also boost your stake by 50% by hitting the Boost button, which also increases your coin count in the main game, your average coin win, and your symbol multiplier. The likelihood of spotting Helena and Antonius symbols during the bonus round rises as well. There is no indication of how the Boost feature influences RTP, which can be any of four numbers (with 96.1% being the default).

Winning combos on the grid’s 40 fixed paylines, which span the 5-reel, 4-row layout, are medium volatile and have a hit rate of 27.19%. The lowest paying symbols are the royals from 10 to A, which pay 1 to 2 times the wager for a full house, while the highest paying symbols are the shield, helmet, Helena, and Antonius, which pay 3 to 10 times the wager for a full house. All reels feature wild symbols, which may be used in lieu of standard pay symbols to create winning combinations and pay out 25 times the wager for a line of five wilds.

Play for Gold in Ancient Rome Slot Machines

There are two main parts to the gameplay in Rome Fight For Gold: the standard game, in which players gather currency symbols, and the bonus game, in which the action is reversed to a hold & win type round.

Features to Collect

At random, coins with values equal to the current wager appear on reels 1, 3, and 4. The value of all Coins symbols in view are added together and awarded when a Collect sign appears on the rightmost reel. Coins come in three different metals: bronze (worth 1-9 times the bet), silver (10-20 times the bet), and gold (worth 25-50 times the stake). The multiplier for collecting symbols can range from 2x to 5x. In that case, the sum of all Coins is multiplied by the multiplier.

Optional Extra

In the standard setup, scatter symbols may be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. When you get three of them, you unlock the bonus round. Any combination of Coins, Antonius multipliers, and Helena Extra Spins symbols during the bonus round will result in an additional three free spins. Bronze coins award 1-5x the bet, silver coins award 10x or 20x the bet, and gold coins award 50x the bet, and they all keep around until the feature finishes. When Coin symbols appear, they become fixed and the number of spins returns to 3. The value of any Coins that have been landed during the current spin is added to the total, and any applicable multipliers are applied. If all available spots are taken, the round will terminate as well.

The multiplier values of the Antonius symbols range from 1x to 5x. The final value of the Coins is multiplied by a factor starting at x1. If you get a Helena Extra Spin symbol after a reset, you’ll get an extra spin. Both of these icons are temporary and reset the number of spins when they land, but they do not stick to the grid.

Slots Win Gold in Rome’s Clash

Rome Fight For Gold is a step up from The Great Albini 2, but it’s also largely the same. One enhancement is that users who aren’t on mobile devices won’t have to squint or use a magnifying glass to view everything well. Even in a world filled with enormous glass skyscrapers, the Colosseum and other Ancient Roman architectural marvels have the potential to awe and inspire. Thousands of people could fit inside the Colosseum, so trying to fit them all into a little square on a computer screen would have looked and felt wrong.

Foxium has thankfully refrained from doing so, allowing Rome Fight For Gold to occupy as much screen real estate as it desires. Because of this, the game has a more engaging atmosphere than it otherwise would have had, and it’s a fun experience even if it doesn’t have the same sense of impending doom as, say, Nero’s Fortune. The same may be said regarding its extra feature. Coin stacking and multiplier bonuses are entertaining, but Rome Fight for Gold slots is much outside the norm on the xylophone scale of hold & win games. Helena and Antonius, the two unique symbols, do shake things up a bit, but you shouldn’t anticipate the same level of excitement as in Money Train. The 20,000x the stake Grand Prize for full the grid in the bonus round is definitely a selling point for Rome Fight For Gold.

It may be intriguing to learn the game’s maximum win probability or what other outcomes are possible except a complete bonus screen of Coins. Of course, the actual Grand Prize in Rome Fight For Gold is probably a lot less remarkable than that. After going back and forth with it for a time, it was generally agreed that it was a good option for fans of Ancient Rome.






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